A Real Problem

But especially since the Bush administration’s reaction to September 11, 2001, the United States has increasingly become the world’s most notorious jailer. … [I]t appears to be under pressure to “balance” such punctual criticism by blanket denunciations of governments targeted for regime change by the United States.

Amnesty International has devoted extraordinary attention to the Pussy Riot case, while totally ignoring, for instance, the threat of U.S. prosecution that led Julian Assange to seek political asylum.

This is becoming a real problem, where formerly reliable protest organizations are being subverted by the powers that be. This really should even concern the most conservative of people as the same people who head up these organizations increasingly focus on more PC social issues, allowing the US to try position itself as a great defender of homosexual (which in many societies is a real issue) and abortion rights even as it ignores more fundamental rights such as the right to not be bombed to all hell. 

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