Nothing Stands Between Us

A. John Mark’s newest album is fantastic.

B. This is so true of how we relate to God; who is constantly calling us to faith in love. And it is only my own inability to continually accept that love that leads me astray. There is no difference between sin and infidelity, no difference between it and selfishness. It is just so that love can be as divisive as it is unifying. Because once separated love demands the intention of renewal and the desire to repair. Love is constant, but it requires perpetual change, uninterrupted movement towards itself. Love is patient, love is acceptance, love binds together, but it cannot unify without acceptance of it.


listen: “bring the noize” – m.i.a.

Like he says, you gotta love m.i.a.

Your headphones connected to your iPhone
Your iPhone’s connected to the Internet
The Internet’s connected to the Google
The Google’s connected to the Government.”


Dude, you gotta love M.I.A.

I don’t even care if you like her music – though I’m not sure how you couldn’t love “Galang” – but you have to love her as an artist and a badass.

You may have seen that photo above floating around your Facebook recently, reminding everyone about the controversy surrounding her 2010 song “The Message” that featured these lyrics:

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