News Flash: He’s Just Lying

This week Director of National Intelligence James Clapper released a June 21 letter in which he apologized for his “clearly erroneous” answer to a question from Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) about mass data collection by the National Security Agency. This represents Clapper’s third explanation for his failure to tell the truth, and for all I know he is coming up with a fourth even as I write. He might be better off if he picked one and stuck with it.


There’s nothing noble about it either. As has been pointed out numerous times, terrorists are not foolish enough to use companies like Google, Microsoft, ect. for communication: there are plenty of easy enough ways for them to communicate clandestinely. And their spurious claims of having stopped numerous terrorists attacks via this program, which they can’t tell us anything about though because it might reveal the way these plots were stopped. Except, if it was PRISM that stopped them, we already know how they were stopped. But don’t think of that, or the the governments past tendency to flaunt every success as a reason for expanded intrusions and justification of prior erosions of your rights, even when (as is often the case) it turns out that it was the government behind the very plot. Don’t think either of how the program is not meant to spy on US citizens-it’s completely accidental-but they still store every single bit of data they collect on you. Nor how, even if PRISM hypothetically weren’t directed at you, the Verizon, ATT, and Sprint collections are, as is the collection of every single piece of USPS mail.


  1. I always assumed a normal part of the job at all levels of the NSA would be disinformation. It’s Congress’ folly to put someone like that on display in a publicly viewable investigation, and then expect him to reveal unvarnished truth.


    1. More than likely. It seems to be a significant portion of everyone in the federal government’s job. Definitely think that the fact that he was clearly lying-and is continuing to lie-to congress and the American public is something worth investigating.


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