If You Haven’t Done Anything Illegal, You Have Nothing To Fear

We know what happened in the case of QWest before 9/11. They contacted the CEO/Chairman asking to wiretap all the customers. After he consulted with Legal, he refused. As a result, NSA canceled a bunch of unrelated billion dollar contracts that QWest was the top bidder for. And then the DoJ targeted him and prosecuted him and put him in prison for insider trading — on the theory that he knew of anticipated income from secret programs that QWest was planning for the government, while the public didn’t because it was classified and he couldn’t legally tell them, and then he bought or sold QWest stock knowing those things.

This CEO’s name is Joseph P. Nacchio and TODAY he’s still serving a trumped-up 6-year federal prison sentence for quietly refusing an NSA demand to massively wiretap his customers.

Nope, nothing at all.

The real truth, aside from the obvious fact that yes, you do have plenty to hide, is that this argument is rather tautological and entirely erroneous. The statement is an annulment of all privacy; because it assumes that the only thing that would be kept private, is something illegal, which of course we cannot allow you to conceal. Nothing is private, because everything is either something which you cannot conceal, or something which you’ve no reason to conceal. It is not quite a tautology, the modifiers just narrowly avoid that problem, but the fact that such a statement really means that you have no right to privacy should be terrifying as much as they confirm the real ideology of all of our leaders who use them: don’t worry about your privacy, you don’t have any.

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