Hacker Faces More Jail Time Than The Convicted Steubenville Rapists He Exposed

It is somewhat ridiculous, though I think increasingly common sort of way, the very fellow who outed rapists could face substantially more jail time than the rapists for his expose.

Lostutter is accused of hacking the Stubbenville football team’s fan page, and aside from the ridiculousness of having a SWAT team arrest him for a non violent crime, he for this same crime faces ten years in prison. The accused rapists face two. Whether or not he did indeed hack the page is hardly of importance. Hacking as currently defined is a sort of one size fits all crime, with little difference between the punishments involved for hacking into a financial database and hacking into a private website. The first instance certainly implies criminal intent, though sometimes white hat hackers claim otherwise, but the latter amounts to little more than digital defacement of property. Hacking a personal website, or a team website, or anything of that nature ought to be punished. But it is far more a kin to breaking a window or spray painting someone’s front door than robbing a bank. Similarly, it would seem that the majority of leakers currently in the public eye-Manning and Snowden-could potentially both be prosecuted under current hacking law.

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