What if What Happened in Boston Was a Weekly Occurance?

While we sympathize with the Israelis, perhaps we ought to recall that we are largely responsible for the exact same thing happening in Afghanistan and Iraq on an even more horrific scale. Or in Pakistan where, and this is not disputed, our drones kill near as many innocents as terrorists. Or indeed, we might think of what the Israelis do to the Palestinians, who indubitably house some terrorists but who also have a good many women and children. Just to say, lets not forget that there are other people suffering every day, or that we are in a large part responsible for it.

I can heartily agree with the last paragraph though. Lets not let isolated events of terrorism change our lives. So maybe Boston should call off the drones it is considering for the next marathon.

Thinking Out Loud

Noah Beck writes at The Christian Post:

I genuinely empathize with the victims of the Boston bombing. They were killed, maimed, injured, and/or forever traumatized only because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As they gathered to compete in or watch the marathon underway, they were – like all terrorism victims – the epitome of innocent.

But imagine if this happened again next week, at a pizzeria, killing 15 diners. And again, a week later, on a bus, killing 19 passengers. Then, at a discotheque, killing 21 teens. Then, at a church, killing 11 worshipers. And so on, with a new bombing terrorizing us almost every week.

Israelis don’t have to imagine. They just have to remember. Between 1995 and 2005, each year saw an average of 14 suicide bombings, murdering 66 victims. 2002 was the worst year, with 47 bombings that slaughtered 238…

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