Things Worth Reading and Seeing and Disagreeing With

But, this one phrase stuck in my head: “to spread rumours and reports of things, and to improve them by the invention of men.” It is brilliant. Positive words (improve, invention) end up attached to “rumours and reports,” and become deeply ambivalent

The Atlantic on the brilliance of Daniel Defoe

vampiresquid-pdAn exposition of the ever elusive Kracken.

Despite the colonial victory at Concord, the Minutemen and other local militias played a minor role in the eventual American defeat of King George III. The decisive factors in America’s War of Independence were the battlefield victories of organized colonial armies acting under the authority of the Continental Congress and state-organized militias. The financial and military support of America’s European allies also played a crucial role.

The Atlantic advances and argument I disagree with vehemently. But it’s a reasonably good read. I suppose the thing they miss is that the right to arms is the only reason the US was able to put up any resistance. Imagine if arms had somehow been banned in the Colonial US. There would still only be a Colonia US.

sd130114<-Sheldon Comics for diversion.

Of course, legal immigration is a perfectly reasonable process. (Italics to indicate sarcasm.)<h2.

-Hear more at NPR.

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