My thoughts on this affair put concisely.
While I am a libertarian and so concerned and opposed to gun control, but I do not hold any political opinion so strenuously that I am unwavering or incapable of understanding the point of opposing political movements. As such I understand the impetuous for gun control, and I sympathize with it and am not even opposed to it if it would do anything. But really, nothing that has been proposed would do anything. A handgun’s clip can be fired and reloaded in a manner of seconds. The proposed solutions do next to nothing. It seems that if we are going to do anything, we ought to do something to better screen people and especially to rehabilitate our mentally ill. The answer is not to restrict gun control, but to work harder to treat others as fully human so that they could no more conceive of such a heinous crime as Newtown as we.

Embedded in America

Let’s face it, an armed society is going to have shootings. Any quick internet search will turn up shootings in every country in which guns are present. This is simply fact. At the same time, there are armed countries – like Canada – where shootings are rare. Canadians are armed, no doubt, it’s just they don’t use their arms on their neighbors or their schools or family members. At least, not like us Americans do. The Swiss are armed too – literally millions of Swiss men have – get this – fully automatic weapons in their homes. In fact, nearly every Swiss man does. Same’s true of a few other northern European countries.

With notable exceptions, these countries experience few shootings.

So what is it about Americans and America that ends up with armed (legal or otherwise) citizens shooting each other?

There’s two questions posed in the title: Gun Control…

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