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First, even the CBO isn’t making an unequivocally negative case. If the government does nothing for the entirety of 2013 to offset the tax hikes and spending cuts mandated as of January 1, the CBO forecasts a recession of more than 1 percent in the first half of 2013 — but then 2 percent economic growth in the second half, accelerating even more in 2014. Over a decade, these measures will likely reduce deficits by as much as $10 trillion. We are so focused on the short-term pain of this cliff that we haven’t taken sufficient measure of the long-term benefits.

-Via The Atlantic

Washington’s Democratic and Republican power brokers have sent the message to  the nation that going over the fiscal cliff is a worst-case scenario. But  they’re not acting that way, not at all.

Instead, many of them have calculated that it’s better to go over the cliff — at  least temporarily — than swallow a raw deal.

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In truth, while the so called fiscal cliff may not be the exact best combination of spending cuts and tax hikes the reality is that every proposed solution does two things: raises taxes and cuts spending. In order to pay down our massive debt, this is what has to happen (though it’s unlikely those tax hikes will be used to pay down the debt.) The fiscal cliff is an imagined crisis. Not as some progressives say cause we can just keep spending without fear, but because no matter what we do this tightening of the belt must happen and the negative effects are short term and no matter what we do they will happen sometime.

Wait a Minute

Like George Bush’s government in Iraq, Obama’s administration neither documents nor acknowledges the civilian casualties of the CIA’s drone strikes in Pakistan. But a report by the law schools at Stanford and New York universities suggests that during the first three years of his time in office, the 259 strikes for which he is ultimately responsible killed between 297 and 569 civilians, of whom at least 64 were children.

No Obama tears for children killed by drones in Pakistan | Newspaper | DAWN.COM

I think it’s high time our nation had a chat about Drone control.

The fundamental problem is that our government has again gotten away with offering privileged access to carefully selected individuals and getting a flattering story in return.

-Don’t Trust ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ – Peter Maass – The Atlantic

An interesting look at how our race to retell recent events leads to what is essentially fiction-fiction of a type little different than propaganda.

The Best Music Videos Of 2012

MTV may have decapitated the music video fan, but thanks to YouTube and NSFW personas, they’re still prominent with their own ingenious makeups. Action Bronson and Das Racist hid rap music behind crushing forms of humour, noisemakers Cloud Nothings and Killer Mike added confusion to creatively gutting scenarios and even some of hip hop’s biggest names reassured us it’s okay to have more swag than a flu-ridden Michael Jordan in the NBA Finals. For your viewing pleasure, here are our 30 favourite videos from 2012 that put an axe right through corporate media.


Action Bronson: “The Symbol” | Directed by Rik Cordero

Arctic Monkeys: “R U Mine?” | Directed by Focus Creeps

Ben Folds Five: “Do It Anyway” | Directed by Phil Hodges

Black Moth Super Rainbow: “Windshield Smasher” | Directed by Bo Mirosseni

Chairlift: “Met Before” | Directed by Jordan Fish

Cloud Nothings:…

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