This Is


Dmytre’s suitcase is another that I really like, it’s the last case I did. Dmytre was very moving. He was Ukrainian and clearly brilliant. He had notebooks filled with drawings of sine waves and mathematical things like that. There’s a wedding picture of Dmytre and his wife, and she’s holding a bouquet of fake flowers, which were also in the case.

-On a collection of abandoned suitcases from a mid century mental institution; via Collectors Weekly


-via PetaPixel

The First of Several:
The giant mirrors of the Magellan telescope.

-via Giant Magellan Telescope.

Advice For Presidential Election Losers From Prior Losers:

Mondale: [Long pause.] You know, I don’t have any advice for them. Just there will be another day and life goes on.

-via the Daily Beast.

About the Money:
America, as seen by campaign dollars.

Your Choice:

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