Most of the little churches you are about to see belong to the Romanesque style, and were built between the late 10th and the 12th century.

Some of them are even older (Pre-Romanesque style, 8th-10th centuries)

A few of them are inscribed in the United Nations list of World Heritage Sites.

They are spread through the deep Spain (Europe), in distant locations, far away from the beaten path and, in a few cases, they’re pretty difficult to reach if you didn’t have a big breakfast before hiking to them.

They may seem old, unpretentious and solitary … But make no mistake: God lives very happy in them.

Romanesque in Burgos

medieval church on rock

La Rioja church

Soria romanesque

preromanesque spain

Preromanesque Asturias

Palencia romanesque

romanesque church

Romanesque in Segovia

romanesque in Galicia

church siones

Pyrenees romanesque

Church canyon

Absis romanesque in Spain

romanesque in Castille

preromanesque spanish church

Pyrenees Romanesque

Romanesque in Burgos

Suso Monastery

Romanesque jewel


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