Death is waiting for this album to come out.

[May 15th 2012 – Self-Released // Find it at: iTunes | Insound]


In three long years, mewithoutYou emancipated themselves from a detachment – where personal issues rotted thoughts and transformed into obstacles – and slowly dug into the pure definition of imagination. Though the Philadelphia instrumentalists have always been able to tap into the deep end of creativity, their latest self-release tale, Ten Stories, trades folk for an electric session that entwines their cohesive nature, half-spoken cries and intricate liking for detail. As a whole, the record is a record. It explores the beautiful damage four musicians can do, from the distortion-heavy wail of “February, 1878” to the frantic bloom of “All Circles”, but it also shapes a story. The colour added to the vague tale of a circus train crash in the 1800s’ caused by an elephant uprising to help fellow animals is essentially the spine…

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