Political Annoyance This Week

While I suppose it is an unofficial declaration, it is still is rather grimly amusing in the light of the Obama administration’s recent moves to make it possible to launch a drone attack on anyone. 

But the real irony is probably in the fact that the end of the war on terror has resulted in the legitimization of Islamism: 

The president realizes he has no choice but to cultivate the Muslim Brotherhood and other relatively “moderate” Islamist groups emerging as lead political players out of the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere.

Even though most of the West views the tendency towards Islamism and Sharia as anathema to democracy, this is now the sort of arrangement we are pleased to call victory. 

I’d love to see an actual end to the purported war on terror, a war which now more than ever hardly seems to be a war on terror and more of a convenient excuse for the erosion of civil and economic liberties at home, and the alternating propping up and tearing down of various nations abroad. 

A Marine is discharged for criticizing Obama. Wonderfully amusing that one of the subversive comments simply stated that he would not do anything he thought was illegal. So the fact that he said he intended to uphold the Oath of Enlistment is now grounds for other than honorable discharge. 

I’ve always despised the show 24 because of its disgusting endorsement of torture. Turns out that and other shows are probably contributing to the use of torture by US troops.  

And finally Marco Rubio comes through and supports war, war, and more war. After you, my good sir. 

I love projects like this.


A while ago we were invited to a competition organized by the Museum of Print in Warsaw. Every year the Museum asks designers to participate in two categories: to illustrate a spread or page from an old Bible and to propose a modern redesign. We were very happy to win the main prize in the second category and will share the work today (we’ll show you the other design some time in the future).

Truly, we don’t only work with icons but this time it seemed like an appropriate response, icons being the language of the modern world and also one which, like the Bible, reaches beyond linguistic divisions. This is also an allusion to the tradition of Biblia Pauperum, medieval illustrated versions of biblical stories for the illiterate.

The passage to illustrate was the beginning of John’s Gospel. We have added icons to certain words of the text…

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Wanderings Around the Interwebs

Been sucked into the vortex that is the interwebs. Interesting things below:
Hawaii Bouldering:

-via Unreal Hawaii.

Who Will Draw the Maps of the Universe?

-via It’s Okay to be Smart.

Inside the Northern Lights:

“Plasma Jam” | First Photos/Video INSIDE the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) from Cortex Network on Vimeo.

-via Grist.

Take a Worm For a Walk:

A Guide for My Nacent Garden:

-via GateWay Greening.

Tomorrow’s Breakfast:


1/2 c. rolled oats
1/2 c. unsweetened almond milk
1/2 c. mango, diced
1 tbsp. shredded coconut
1 1/2 tbsp. agave nectar

Stir together all ingredients in a resealable jar or bowl. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Stir before serving and add additional milk (for a thinner consistency) and agave nectar if desired.

-via Ohmyveggies.

Yay for Approximations:
-via xkcd.

Buy Local:

Great article about the monopolization of food industry.
-via http://www.convergencealimentaire.info/