Definitive words (via Other People’s Ideas)

A new favorite word:
Gezelligheid (Dutch pronunciation: [ɣə’zɛləɣɦɛit]) is a Dutch abstract noun (adjective form gezellig) which, depending on context, can be translated as convivial, cosy, fun, quaint, or nice atmosphere, but can also connote belonging, time spent with loved ones, the fact of seeing a friend after a long absence, or general togetherness. The word is considered to be an example of untranslatability, and is one of the hardest words to translate to English.[1] Some consider the word to encompass the heart of Dutch culture.[2]

Definitive words I've been thinking about something and I'm not sure if it makes any sense so I'm gonna put it here and see if anyone sees anything in it. I have a notion that there are words that capture languages and the people who speak them. Not "capture" as in "completely define," but capture as in "tell you something unique," I suppose. The starting … Read More

via Other People's Ideas

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