A Reason To Swear

19 March 2003: the US invades Iraq.
Eight years later what have we accomplished?
4,439 American troops dead.
100,000 wounded.
1,421,933 civilians dead and countless injured besides.
$780,098,540,000+ spent.
4,200,000 refugees.
A once vibrant Christian community is now all but gone.
A once secular Arabic nation increasingly run by extremists.
A generation scarred by PSTD.

And we’re still there, still 47,000 strong. Still sending people to their deaths. Still hearing the same lies. Still killing innocents for no reason whatsoever. Still ruining the very faith this nation and this war’s proponents are so proud of.

How can we allow this? How can you justify killing over a million innocent people for any cause? How can you justify doing it for no reason? We are murders! The blood of a million innocents is on my hands, is on your hands. We are stained forever with this guilt. This sin. What are we doing? These are people!

What the f**k is wrong with us?

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