And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth […]

-Revelation 19:21

I think that when the world ends, the words Christ speaks shall be the same for all. For is that not what the Sword of the Lord is called, the Word of God? And is not every word which proceeds from His mouth unquestionably good?  For the saved, for those who have spent their lives refining their hearts, these words will be as honey. For the damned, they will be as poison. The same sword which strikes down those who wage war against Him is perhaps the rod which lifts us up to salvation. For is it not we who damn ourselves? Christ has offered the same gift to all of us, the gift of His life and resurrection. It is how we receive it that determines our fate. It is said somewhere, whether by St. Paul or some theologian whom I have read and forgotten, that though a man be perfect in every regard, yet he would be a sinner to know of Christ and reject Him. For how could you knowing and understanding a thing so wonderful as Christ as a savior for the fools and a healer for the sick, how could you reject it if indeed your soul was pure? You cannot. 

Yes. Though speculation I think it is so. Heaven and hell may very well be the same place. The light of God will illuminate all things for the Saints and cast them in shades of glory unimaginable. But that very same light blinds the damned and being so bright causes them to see nothing at all but darkness. 

There is a painting, I think it Michaelangelo’s Final Judgement, which has Christ whirling His arms like a windmill, simultaneously lifting up the Saints and pushing down the sinners. But notice the only difference between saints and sinners is that the saints reach up to be pulled up, the sinners cringe and are thus pushed down.